💥The end of JPOP…“HI-GA-SHI” will be extremely mentally exhausted in the future.😞

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Currently, the trend in Japanese society regarding this issue is that the relationship between the strong and the weak has been reversed after the perpetrator was discovered...It has been publicly recognized that the absolute god of entertainment was actually a monster, and was once worshiped. It seems that the companies that were benefiting from both parties are trying to quickly get rid of the ``filth'' in front of them, and the victims are receiving ``financial compensation'' that is expected in a capitalist society (and it is expected to be huge). Does this mean that you have taken action to demand...

This issue is so dark that I would like to refrain from commenting on it, but I would say that JPOP, which is made up of Japanese entertainment and connected media/companies, is so corrupt that it cannot recover on its own. In order to get out of the "darkness" and get back on our feet again, we need the guidance of the international community, and the BBC, which has reached out to us this time (there were monsters in the UK as well, and the BBC has made dedicated efforts to fight against them and overcome hardships), is a ray of "light". We will have to move forward little by little over many years...

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Johnny's Office held a press conference in response to a request from a third-party investigative committee...While all of Japan was paying attention, it was a noisy press conference with major domestic media as well as foreign media participating.

The contents prepared by the office are...

👉Official recognition and apology for sexual assault by founder

👉Change of president (new organization in October)

👉Mr. Julie will remain as a director (maintains 100% shareholder)

👉Do not change company name

👉Declaration of intention to help victims

💥The venue moved to Q&A...

I was impressed by how the overseas media got the point straight...

👉France Le Figaro: Mentioned "To SMAP - And to all Johnny's talents"

👉English Reuters: Mentioned two points: response to the media (pressure and condescension) and response to released talent (dispute with Mr. Julie and pressure after release)

New President Higashiyama responding to questions from Reuters

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On the other hand, the domestic media was furious, as if they were suddenly pouring out all the things they had been pent up...

Questions about Julie not resigning as a 100% shareholder (concerns about influence behind the scenes)

Matters that seem to continue to put pressure on the media and on released talents

Questions about Mr. Higashiyama being the new president (Was Mr. Higashiyama also complicit in the crime?)

Questions about not changing the company name (perhaps it's out of common sense and lack of understanding?)


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YouTube Channel Ichigetsubansatsu Ryu Honma: Former Hakuhodo /Writer

Regarding not changing the company name

👉“H?tler Co., Ltd.…doesn’t exist…”

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“You're right…”

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YouTube Channel Arc Times Isoko Mochizuki: Tokyo Shimbun Reporter

The new president's own harassment: About "To SMAP - and to all Johnny's talents"

👉 “Eat my sausage?”

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``I really don't remember...but it's possible I did that.''

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As you all know, it was a press conference with no results other than gossip...

I hope I don't fall prey to the gossip-loving British (for example, the slander of the British royal family by tabloids such as The Sun)...

👉BBC reporter who reported sexual assault                       TBS NEWS DIG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgY1uCw44KA

👉BBC reporter's impressions of the press conference…Blame Japanese media       NITTERE NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEn5vvvKztw

I'm sure you already know this, but there is also information that the ``Stakeholders' Association'' is planning a huge lawsuit in the United States, and in the future, Johnny's Jimusho has been promoting ``relief for victims.'' There are also signs that this will develop into an ugly fight over Julie Komi's assets...

Regarding “restoring the health of Japanese media”…

It seems that companies in other industries are moving faster than the media...

Companies that have decided to cancel their contracts with Johnny's Jimusho

- Japan Airlines (JAL): "We will postpone the appointment until appropriate measures are taken."

- Tokio Marine & Nichido: "From the perspective of respecting human rights, we do not tolerate any form of harassment."

- Asahi Group Holdings: “This is contrary to the Group Human Rights Policy, which stipulates that we strive not to encourage human rights violations by stakeholders.”

👉Kao CM canceled

👉McDonald's Japan contract not renewed

👉Mos Burger/Meiji/Sapporo HD CM stop Talent contract postponed

👉Business leaders criticize


👉 Noriyuki Higashiyama (56) has been selected as the new president of Johnny's Jimusho. There was also a rumor that he was dating Julie Keiko Fujishima... Under the new president Noriyuki Higashiyama, Julie Keiko Fujishima will remain as a director and will be recommended by the special team to prevent recurrence. ``A form that goes against the grain'' ``Hinders a fresh start''

👉2023/9/7 The office plans to hold a press conference with Noriyuki Higashiyama present...

Are you okay? It looks like they are trying to escape once again using Higashi's clean image as a shield, but due to the BBC Predator reporting and the intervention of the United Nations Human Rights Theory, a reversal has occurred where Johnny Kitagawa has already died. When it became clear that the deceased was a deceased person and there was little risk, all the media began to report on this issue all at once... Well, even if they took action now, they wouldn't be able to charge the deceased with any crimes, which is a problem. It is frustrating that the perpetrator, the victim, and the media all have a mutually supportive relationship, and the bottom line is that ``I forgive them in my heart.'' Among all the reports that have all moved together for the sake of profit, the following is the only sane one. It looked like...

👉 Johnny's Office will keep its name and sincerely complete all compensation for the founder's sexual assault issue, and once that is completed, the agency's history will be closed: Governance experts say that President Julie Keiko Fujishima will not resign and will continue until the end without resigning. Points out that compensation for victims should be dealt with responsibly

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"Recurrence Prevention Special Team" established by Johnny's Office holds a press conference

👉 After recognizing Johnny Kitagawa's sexual assault, we will propose a system for victim relief measures.

👉A request letter describing the establishment of a relief fund/dialogue relief committee was created and sent to the agency's representative...

👉Proposed resignation of Julie Keiko Fujishima due to the view that her family business is harmful

👉I also raised the issue of the silence of the Japanese media... https://twitter.com/i/status/1697481752426742256

👉“Recurrence Prevention Special Team” recognizes Johnny’s sexual assault / Former Four Leaves member Koji Kita’s “angry” confession video 34 years ago

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The ``Stakeholders' Association,'' which used to belong to Johnny's Office, held a press conference in Tokyo and said that relief and compensation for the victims is essential.They said they plan to file criminal charges, file civil lawsuits overseas, and file a petition for human rights relief with the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

TBS NEWS DIG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTYcS4TV6Ic

September 11th Japan Federation of Bar Associations petition:

The representative of the association is Junya Hiramoto...

👉 Mr. Hiramoto said on the BBC broadcast "Predator...JOP...", ``I haven't been victimized or anything...Mr. Johnny is a real family member...Mr. is not a criminal...Mr. Japan is the country that accepted sexual assault and rose to become a top company...''

👉Mr. Hiramoto's recent status below

2019/7: Johnny Kitagawa passes away...Participates in farewell party with Vice Representative Mr. Ishimaru/Mr. Nagato

2022: BBC filming cooperation

2023/3: BBC broadcast

2023/7: Association for those affected by Johnny's sexual assault issues launched

…Are you okay?

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July 13, 2023

This was the situation I was most worried about...even though being criticized by the British BBC was an embarrassment to Japan in the international community...I didn't expect to be moved by UN human rights principles! Japanese media JPOP is ending😞

I want the ``famous talents'' who belong to (or used to work for) ``Johnny's Jimusho'' to have the courage to comment... ``Tatsuro Yamashita'' too... he doesn't use SNS... it'll be fine as long as he continues to follow his principles. is an old story... Let's solve Japan's problems domestically... Interfering with the "international community" is an abandonment of national sovereignty 😔 


mako:Bing.Good evening. We met again. Bing What do you think of Johnny's Entertainment talent Sho Sakurai's "speculative" comments?

👉Bing: Sorry. Let's talk about a different topic. What else are you thinking about? 😄

Sho Sakurai: “Speculation” – Comments on Johnny’s sexual assault issue

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, a major private media finally published a ``decent article'' on this issue... ``Johnny's'' ~ ``Four Leaves'' ~ ``Hikari GENJI'' ~ Turning back the attention that continued until Johnny Kitagawa's death. A history of love and hate that makes you want to cry...

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The New York Times had already reported on his January 30, 2000 ``Trial and Judgment.''

Regarding the ``Sexual Harm Problem at Journeys Agency'' I see ``various articles''... but as I read through the articles, I find that he is so ``bottomless, empty, and pathological'' that I sometimes feel dizzy. I even feel like ``nausea''...

[Recent topics: Approximately oldest articles first]

👉``Nikkan Gendai'' brought up Johnny Kitagawa's sexual assault issue.Toshihiko Tahara, a former employee of the agency, refused to comment and said, ``I don't want to talk about it.''

👉 "FRIDAY" directly hits former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi. Taguchi commented, "I'm already an outsider, so I don't have anything to answer."

👉 "Tokyo Sports" covered Johnny's office, which is shaken by the sexual assault issue.

👉"Weekly Bunshun" reported on former juniors who accused Johnny Kitagawa of sexual assault.

👉“40 years of brainwashing” former Jr. confesses to sexual assault

👉There has been a series of slander from accounts claiming to be Johnny's fans.

👉Criticism surges after Sho Sakurai's comments such as ``There are people who get hurt by speculation''

👉 Johnny leaves the hospital in large numbers

👉Mr. Mary passed away and the "staring" stopped working.

👉Direct hit from former KAT-TUN

👉 Attacking the accuser of ``famous name'' sexual assault

👉The team of outside experts investigating Johnny Kitagawa's sexual assault allegations is made up of a former attorney general, a lawyer, and a clinical psychology researcher. I'm worried about that

👉A “recurrence prevention special team” has been established and will compile recommendations.

👉 Johnny's "company name" changed in July?

👉Is "Johnny Kohaku" over? It is expected that there will be fewer spots for Johnny's in this year's Kohaku, and it is said that it will be difficult to appoint entertainment professionals as hosts, and Hiroshi Abe and Tsuyoshi Muro have been mentioned as candidates.

[Rough review of the flow so far below]

The following Yahoo News page/tweet has been deleted before we knew it... J-POP's "predator" has been criticized.

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"Freedom of the press" Japan is "lowest" in G7 ... Yahoo news: https://t.co/JQdtN0qR0a

Tweet: This is "commercial broadcasting control" by "paid terrestrial broadcasting stations".. Whether it is media or entertainment in Japan, the "Predator" phenomenon ridiculed by the BBC may already be "too late to treat"..

The following Livedoor news page has been deleted..Is it a manifestation of hatred for the New York Times and BBC?..

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May 25, 2023 Johnny's sexual assault problem affects Japan TBS NEWS DIG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQAV7oYvB3A&t=4s

2023-5-15 After receiving an apology from President Julie Keiko Fujishima in a video, some TV stations such as NHK finally began to report on this issue.. Change.org received this and determined that it had achieved its purpose. finished‥

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2023-5-16: New York Times: 'Didn't realize'?

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2023-5-15 President Julie Keiko Fujishima apologized in a video released on the 14th in response to the incident in which a man who belonged to Johnny's Office accused former president Johnny Kitagawa of sexual assault (died in 2019). nikkei: https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOUE152F40V10C23A5000000/?n_cid=SNSTW005

2023-4-24 Former Johnny's singer confesses to sexual assault Change.org petition

-Japan was still in 'silence'...

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Tweet: I will cast one vote😊 Although it is a for-profit organization, I don't think it has any ulterior motives...I won't donate to help spread the word. Protest campaign to ask mass media companies why they do not report the sex crimes of Mr. Johnny Kitagawa

2023-4-15 Former Johnny's singer claims that sexual assault is an "organizational problem"...

Tweet: Due to the influence of the British BBC, the weak in Japan also began to raise their voices and the media began to ``amplify''... It will probably return to its ``original shape'' in a few days, but this problem is between the strong and the weak in Japan and the media. He has a pathology, and if he continues to lose his ``soundness'', he will be ridiculed by the overseas media even more next time...

2023-3-28 At the time of the BBC report, Japan was still "silent"...

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Harassment comes to light... Still worshiped as the 'predator' of the Japanese pop world...

Tweet: It's sad to learn about the tragic situation in one's own country through foreign media.. At the same time, I feel like I'm a "disappointing" person. The body... makes me realize once again that I live in a "confined world"... The situation hasn't changed since the BBC report, and will continue until it becomes an "extremely special situation" or an "exceedingly tragic event". We can predict that nothing will change... It will be the "tip of the iceberg" again... The world that once began to be distorted will continue to be irreversibly distorted... We have no choice but to wait for "Wind-up Bird"

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami: https://harukimurakami.com/book/the-wind-up-bird-chronicle