Zelensky is loyal to his patron the US and in love with the EU...

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September 1, 2023

Zelensky finally raided the home and businesses of Ukrainian billionaire and politician Ihor Kolomoisky, and on the 2nd ordered Kolomoisky to be detained for two months.

Is the arrest a performance? No, I don't think so.                       Mr. Zelensky is completely ``serious'' about eliminating corruption in Ukraine, which he has been working on for some time, and it seems that he has finally entered the ``center''...

It's certainly a good thing in the international community... but...

If Biden's former patron and biggest supporter for him to become president has been arrested, what kind of person is he? It is true that he has a personality that would be hard to imagine from a Japanese person who values humanity and favor. No...This ever-changing, chameleonic person changes his position and behavior depending on the environment at the time...It can be said that he is willing to make any sacrifice or use any means necessary to accomplish his ``great mission.'' The cause of "democratic victory" and "Ukraine's accession to the EU"...

Ihor Kolomoisky

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Ukrainian oligarch: one of Ukraine's richest people

Jewish /Triple citizenship of Ukraine, Israel, and Cyprus (even dual citizenship is prohibited in Ukraine)

2015 survey: Assets $1.36 billion

2014-5 Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: He is said to have used his private army (Azov) to massacre many ethnic Russian residents.

He owns the Ukrainian TV media. He conducts a political campaign by casting Zelensky, who was an actor, as the main character in "Servant of the People." He also helped with political activities funds: “Is Zelensky Servant of Kolomoisky?”

2019 Information that the United States (FBI) is investigating Kolomoisky on charges of financial crime.

2021 The Ministry of State in the United States is banned from entering Kolomoisky. The charge is that he illegally accumulated wealth during his time as governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

September 2023 The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) indicted him on suspicion of using Privat Bank, Ukraine's largest bank, which is controlled by violence, to steal a huge amount of deposits from the bank's depositors, transfer them outside Ukraine, and launder the funds.


Azov battalion emblem that Kolomoisky has actually operated funds: Wolfsenger's left -right reversal display

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👆 Left: Emblem of the Azov Battalion Right: Emblem of Nazi Germany's 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich Wolfsangel

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👆Black Sun An esoteric symbol consisting of a swastika: Wewelsburg Castle, which was the center of the SS by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi German SS. The sun ring in the SS General Hall

Headquarters of the Azov Battalion: Mariupol, Donetsk Region A port city on the Sea of Azov: Black Sun rising from the Sea of Azov?


I hope this ending doesn't turn out to be the biggest corruption in history, with him pocketing the huge amount of money he collected from all over the world...

Ukraine is far more corrupt than Mexico,' says ex-US officer

Is there an ideology in this country…democracy?

Current situation What we see is repeated violence, corruption and betrayal...EU membership? impossible…


👉Is Zelensky a very nice guy?

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The report that it was Ukrainian special forces that blew up the Nord Stream pipeline the other day, and that the CIA knew all about it, has spread with great credibility and is already becoming common knowledge around the world...S Harsh I wonder what his scoop was...However, personally, I think of the United States, Ukraine, and NATO as one group, and it doesn't matter which one of them does it, they are the same thing...

At the same time, the Russian authorities publicly announced that Ukraine had begun a counteroffensive, and I think everyone is well aware that dam failures and other accidents occurred, causing great damage...And to show off this, Mr. Zelensky immediately responded. Europe and the United States strongly condemned Russia after entering the disaster area, and they also expressed similar condemnation towards Russia.

Judging these situations objectively, while the world condemned Russia's invasion and sympathized with Ukraine, it became clear that this war was actually started by Ukraine...

We were completely fooled by Zelensky, a man with advanced acting skills.

Japan also has a large amount of aid to Ukraine and economic sanctions against Russia, which are still continuing...why not stop them?

When I think back on the Bucha massacre, the patient resistance of the Azov Battalion (neo-Nazis), and now Russia's suicidal attack on the dam...it all seems suspicious.

As Tucker Carlson says in Tucker on X, "Putin did it, he did it, Putin did it." No matter how self-inflicted that hypothesis is, you don't need a reason. Don't question it. No, because ``Putin is evil''...

On the other hand, ``Mr. Zelensky is a very nice guy''...He doesn't seem like the type of person who would commit terrorism...He is ``Winston Churchill'', so it is essential for the West to support him like they did during World War II... That's our benefit

Japan doesn't need to align itself with the West in any way...On the contrary, in World War II, the United States suffered the tragedies of air raids, dropping incendiary bombs and dropping atomic bombs...

The West is the West, and Japan is Japan...The history and circumstances are completely different... Let's just stop going to war with China at the urging of the West...

Who is Zelensky being controlled by...the CIA? Neo-Nazi?

What scale does "reversal offensive" mean?

I'm not a military analyst, so I can't predict anything, but I have a bad feeling...

I don't want to watch "The World Burns"...

Hungarian Prime Minister calls on Ukraine to halt counterattack, saying it will become a bloodbath