World Economic Forum (WEF): “Davos” – Fvck yourself, Klaus Schwab! -Farming and fishing are serious crimes.

The Globalist Festival was held again this year!

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The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum “Davos” was held on January 15, 2024...The meeting, where the world's elite gather, is the focus of attention from all quarters. MMT also picked up "people of focus" 😎

👉 That's an accident? “Fvck yourself, Klaus Schwab!”

A video of a WEF participant shouting insults at Klaus Schwab ...MMT almost went viral, but it was later revealed that this video was a composite. This video was created by Damon Imani.

Damon Imani has posted many interesting videos on the video posting site, so if you are interested, please click here 👇

YouTube: rumble:

Interesting videos 👇

Face-to-face with Hillary Clinton on a TV show and Damon asks her about her interactions with Epstein...

To the US government spokesperson on a TV show, Damon said"Don't lie!"

Profile of Damon Imani: He is an Iranian-born video producer and journalist. He lives in Denmark and aims to expose the contradictions and injustices in modern society by disseminating satirical videos on SNS etc.


👉Farming and fishing is a serious crime.

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Jojo Mehta has publicly announced this kind of agenda... MMT is so drastic that it's difficult to comment on it... well... I think she's a bit... crazy 😊

Profile of Jojo Mehta: British environmental activist. Co-founder and CEO of Stop Ecocide International, which aims to bring ecocide (destruction of ecosystems) to the International. To develop a legal definition of ecocide Convenor of the Independent Expert Panel. She is committed to raising awareness of the crime of ecocide as a solution to the climate crisis. Graduated from the University of Oxford and University of London Entrepreneur and environmental activist.

Jojo Mehta: Stop Ecocide International:

Reference: Mission LifeForce Interview with Jojo Mehta- Stop Ecocide International

Others As you all know, there have been the usual "climate change" and WHO's "announcement of the next pandemic" Regardless of whether it is right or wrong, people all over the world are listening to the arguments of political elites with interest or skepticism. We pay attention to these people because they have the power and what they discuss is sure to have an impact on our lives. MMT is deeply concerned that because the elite are only interested in metaphysical matters they may deviate from reality and go out of control 😭