Will RFK Jr. bring "harmony" to American society?

Trump's primary victory and the Kennedy family tradition

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Trump's big victory in the primary election and RFK Jr.

While Mr. Trump is showing the world who is the winner of this battle by winning the start-up of the 2024 US presidential election in Iowa and New Hampshire, RFK Jr., an independent, is still attracting attention and has a high approval rating In a previous article, I wrote that RFK Jr. will be the eye of the typhoon in the 2024 presidential election, but in response to Trump's rocket start, various speculations are circulating. US media says“Trump may bring in RFK Jr. to keep the Democratic Party in check ” “After becoming president, he may make RFK Jr. vice president” etc.

👉RFK Jr. does not agree with Mr. Trump's "America First" or "MAGA (Make America Great Again)" slogans, but he seems to sympathize with some of his policies and claims...

・Stricter borders and immigration restrictions: RFK Jr. says that current immigration policies are inhumane and that a country that cannot protect its borders is not a nation at all.

・Opposition to compulsory vaccination and passports: RFK Jr. questions the side effects and safety of vaccines and argues that free choice should be respected.

・Limiting the power of the media and big tech companies: RFK Jr. opposes the media and big tech companies manipulating information and silencing the voices of opposition.

👉On the other hand, RFK Jr. has a different opinion than Trump.

・Environmental protection and climate change measures: RFK Jr. is known as an activist on water quality and climate change, and advocates ``free market capitalism'' as a solution to environmental problems.

・Promoting cryptocurrencies and breaking financial monopolies: RFK Jr. aims to align cryptocurrencies with traditional Kennedy Democratic values to challenge financial monopolies and promote economic freedom.

・Skepticism towards militarism and Wall Street: RFK Jr. criticizes the Democratic Party for going astray in favor of war and corporate interests.

👉RFK Jr. is often seen as anti-globalism, but MMT doesn't think is.

*RFK Jr. respects the traditional ideas of the Kennedy family (of course, he constantly mentions the achievements of his father, RFK). He strives for harmony in a divided society and acceptance of diversity. He has taken a position of criticizing the corrupt Democratic Party (he left the Democratic Party and ran as an independent), but he has also sounded the alarm about the radical reforms of Trump's MAGA movement...Although he uses rather rough language, he advocates a hybrid of conservative and liberal. RFK is trying to bring "harmony" to the divided American society (by lobbying both political parties and uniting as a nation)...RFK was working alongside other ethnic groups to address common issues (racism and poverty).


What kind of person was RFK? What about the Kennedy family?

👉Kennedy family as Irish Americans

The Kennedy family has an Irish-American identity and has used it politically, but they have emphasized harmony and cooperation with other ethnicities and religions... We can say that they have been working on finding commonalities and goals as Americans...

When JFK's Catholic faith was questioned during the 1960 presidential election, he clarified the separation of church and state and stated that he would prioritize his duties as an American.

・RFK worked to eliminate poverty and discrimination in order to gain support from African Americans and Hispanic Americans in the 1968 presidential election.

Although the Kennedy family experienced persecution as Irish Americans, they were able to succeed, gain power and prestige in American society...it can be said that they had an advantageous position in American society compared to African Americans.

・JFK was the first Catholic president in American history (elected in 1960, US president from 1961 to 1963)

・RFK served as attorney general, and senator, and became a presidential candidate.

・RFK Jr. was active as a lawyer and is running for president now.

*Therefore, the Kennedy family and Irish Americans are uncomfortable with equating the persecution they have suffered with the persecution of African Americans...

👉Irish Americans and African Americans

・Irish Americans faced discrimination and prejudice due to religious and cultural differences in the 19th and 20th centuries (although they were not exposed to institutional violence such as slavery or racial segregation).

・Even after the abolition of slavery, African Americans fought against racial discrimination and social inequality through the civil rights movement (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) (still many challenges...)

*RFK, like Irish Americans, tried to understand the civil rights movement of African Americans and address issues of racial segregation and poverty among African Americans and Hispanic Americans...

RFK was a presidential candidate who received tremendous support from not only of Irish descent but also of Africans and Hispanics.

Robert F. Kennedy - America's Lost President | Free Documentary History:

Indianapolis, 1968: Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and a historic call for peace:

→ On the other hand, it is said that behind the scenes JFK and RFK allowed Dr. King to be wiretapped...

*RFK junior often develops logic about the worst scores in JFK and RFK's political activities.

👉What the Kennedy family has been working on

I think there are many different opinions, but what the Kennedy family has been working on is roughly speaking, solving the problem of Christian sects in American society and the problems of serious racial discrimination and poverty (for example giving jobs to Irish and Africans, Hispanics) and realizing a fair society. It can be said to be one of the most effective viewpoints when you attempt to understand the Kennedy family.


RFK Jr. is running against Republican Trump and Democrat Biden as an independent.

RFK Jr. has announced that he will leave the Democratic Party and run as an independent when he runs for president in 2024. He is currently conducting political activities based on his beliefs, such as environmental protection and vaccine safety.

While Trump is having a strong impact on people's predictions of the outcome of the 2024 US presidential election, how RFK Jr. will take action, who is a lone wolf and heretic but comes from a prestigious family and whose support is likely to grow in the future.

What kind of impact his activities will have on Trump and the Democratic Party, and how RFK Jr. himself will realize his beliefs between the two major political parties is becoming increasingly interesting...

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