Will EVs continue to advance toward the future?

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These days, EV sales are showing signs of decline, but Tesla is undeterred. Tesla began delivering the Cybertruck, Tesla's first SUV, in the United States in November 2023.  CYBERTRUCK | Tesla

Rear-wheel drive model → $60,900 Four-wheel drive model → approximately $80,000 Top model “CYBERBEAST” → approximately $100,000

The Cybertruck's body is made of stainless steel, making it extremely durable.   https://twitter.com/BrandonKHill/status/1730683572242317698

It also seems to have transport capacity and traction power that you wouldn't expect from an EV. Maximum load capacity approximately 3,500 pounds Maximum towing capacity approximately 14,000 lbs                                             (*Please forgive if the above data has been slightly revised since the announcement...)

*However, the Cybertruck prototype seems to have had the ignominious experience of being rescued from the snow by a Ford pickup truck...😭  https://twitter.com/sputnik_jp/status/1734649120294330844

What consumers pay most attention to is its appearance.      https://twitter.com/ELON_MUSK_CEO_X/status/1733927718905950589                            

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When MMT saw this design, it immediately reminded him of the car driven by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. A Good Start - Designing The Future - Blade Runner [HD] (youtube.com)                                                                                                               Production of the Cybertruck began in July 2023 at the Gigafactory in Texas and continues to this day, but the first pre-orders appear to have already sold out. It seems that other models will be released one after another after 2024, but do you think this car will continue to sell well? We are looking forward to next year.                 *According to Elon's assumption, this car will be running on the surface of Mars in 2050😊