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️Movie “Operation Toussaint” Human trafficking infant rescue operation Tim Ballard and other heroes

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Police: “Are there any undercover investigators who can go into the belly of the beast?… Can they find the kids?”                                                                           Tim Ballard “We can do it”

Tim Ballard: ``I was outside the orphanage and I saw 28 kids...The first couple of cases almost broke me...''

member of O.U.R.: “My great-grandfather fought for the liberation of slaves… I’m sure I can too…”

Tim Ballard: “We go into the darkest places on earth…and we find the kids.”

Tim Ballard's Wife: ``When I look at my youngest child...he has access to unconditional love...but there are so many children in the world who don't get love...''

What exactly does it mean to “believe”? If you can't do that, there's no hope for the world. If you doubt this story after watching this movie, you won't believe anything else in this world...

Reference: Operation Lost Angel https://twitter.com/i/status/1690349034060533761


👉 "Human trafficking" is noisy now...

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about child trafficking and child sexual abuse... There is a story about a global human trafficking network that continues to generate huge amounts of wealth... Human trafficking networks are based around the world. It exists in every city (Japan is no exception), and it is said that various levels of regional and national organizations are involved in human trafficking activities...sometimes government agencies, and private giants regardless of industry. …The facts are cleverly concealed and the general public is completely unaware of the reality …Countries and regions where conflicts, wars, and disasters have occurred are particularly easy targets for human trafficking, and refugees/victims Children and women fall prey to human trafficking... In areas where civil war/conflict/disaster reconstruction has continued for many years, the terminals of organizations take root, and the chaotic/corrupt government and private organizations are deeply involved, and profits from human trafficking …The problem has been going on for so long that it is almost impossible to eradicate it… 

👉The reality of child trafficking in America exposed by the movie "Sound of Freedom"...

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The movie "Sound of Freedom" is a hit in the United States...It was not allowed to be screened for many years, but it seems that the screening was made possible through the efforts of some Hollywood celebrities and support organizations → Big hit: 6 days of release Box office revenue of 40 million dollars... A controversial work that deals with the "child trafficking" that is rampant in America.

"Sound of Freedom" 2023 American Movies Director/Screenwriter: Alejandro Gomez Monteverde                                                                                                                            Cast: Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp, etc.

When the American people saw ``The Sound of Freedom,'' they were astonished and could not contain their anger, shouting ``I can't forgive this!'' It looks like this 👇                                                                    

And everyone always says, ``Let's go see Sound of Freedom.'' → It seems that behind the appearance of such movies, there is a crisis in which screenwriters and actors distrust the Hollywood film industry. Interestingly, this movie is a crowdfunding project and ticket sales are being promoted through a system of free tickets...

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Happy Independence Day, dear patriots! Let's go see “Sound of Freedom”. Mel Gibson and several Hollywood celebrities are just beginning to expose the deep state and Hollywood human trafficking operations.

Mel Gibson: The most worrying problem in the world today is human trafficking, especially child trafficking. Children are our future. The first step to eradicating this crime is to raise awareness. Let's go see “Sound of Freedom”.


👉 Digression: There was a long time ago ... a story about saving a girl from human trafficking ... TAXI DRIVER: De Niro / Jodie Foster

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The night view from the yellow cab...a runaway girl, an underage prostitute, a corrupt policeman, and a lonely man...Travis: "The streets are full of prostitutes, touts, thugs, homosexuals, traffickers, drunks. I feel sick...When will the rain wash them away?" Travis: Don't you want to run away?" Iris: "I was high on drugs (when I ran away)...so that's why he helped me... '' Travis: ``I don't understand...'' Iris: ``He didn't kill anyone. He's a Libra... I'm a Libra too, so we get along.'' Travis: ``They prey on women. I can't forgive them...they are the worst people in this world, and they are truly a stain on the earth..."

👉What is the scale of human trafficking worldwide?

While there are public reports that about 2.5 million people are trafficked worldwide, the numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, with an estimated 40.3 million people worldwide being trafficked, and 80%. Women and children account for the majority, and about half are concentrated in the Asian region.

👉Severity of Human Trafficking in Asia

Poverty, economic disparity, social inequality, human rights violations and discrimination, political instability, conflicts, disasters, and other chaos, and human trafficking by criminal organizations are rampant in the Asian region. It seems that there are many cases in which foreign workers introduced in the Asian region are victims of human trafficking and human rights violations.

👉Recent Developments on Trafficking in California. 

The Legislative Public Safety Commission blocked the bill classifying the trafficking of minors as a state felony. The bill passed the state Senate unanimously, then six Democrats on the Congressional Public Safety Commission opposed it. After the vote, the audience yelled, "Horrible!"

👉Human Trafficking Nest…Ukraine. It is estimated that more than 300,000 Ukrainians have been victims of human trafficking in Ukraine since 1991. Ukrainians account for 80% of traffickers and 60% of victims are women. Known to have more victims of human trafficking than any other Eastern European country… The war in Ukraine has resulted in a massive movement of people and an outflow of refugees, resulting in a surge in human trafficking and a crisis in child protection. Potential situations Displaced children are most likely to be separated from their families, exploited, and trafficked. BBC: Sex traffickers target Ukrainian refugees at Polish border https://youtu.be/7bqi1Bgmxao

👉 What is the damage caused by human trafficking in Japan?

In 2018, the Japanese government identified 47 victims of human trafficking, including 28 adults and 19 children. The government identified 12 women and girls who were forced to work as "hostesses." Some may have been victims of exploitative trafficking…2021 A total of 47 identified victims of trafficking 31 were victims of sexual trafficking 1 was a foreign national 18 were children 16 were victims of labor trafficking. In 2022, 11 victims of trafficking in persons have undergone protection procedures by the Immigration Services Agency. Does child trafficking occur in Japan as well? "Yes, it's happening in Japan too."                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puw2RmlDThY


👉Current status of Tim Ballard and O.U.R.

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As of 2024: Unfortunately, Tim Ballard has reportedly resigned as his CEO due to unsubstantiated accusations. America's wealthy and politicians are not amused by the growing momentum of the anti-trafficking movement. It appears that Tim Ballard was under a lot of pressure from them. Tim Ballard's story is forcibly associated with the dangerous conspiracy theory group “QAnon”...MMT thinks it sucks.                                                                       Now…                                                                                                     Worthy activities like O.U.R.and great movies like ``The Sound of Freedom'' are being destroyed by heartless people 😭