Positive divorce? Modern Japanese Views of Marriage as Seen in "Let's Get Divorced" and "The Best Divorce"

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In recent years, why is it that dramas, novels, essays, and other content with titles that evoke the image of “recommendation of divorce” are so prominent in Japan?

💥 "Positive Divorce"

I won't let you call me unlucky anymore! What is the current trend of "positive divorce"?

Why is “positive divorce” increasing?

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💥Let's get a divorce

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A drama distributed on Netflix Taishi Tokairin (Tori Matsuzaka), who was born and raised in a family of politicians, and Yui Kurosawa (Riisa Naka), a popular actress, are trying to get divorced, but the story is that they have a hard time because the people around them won't forgive them.

👉Dissatisfaction, conflict, clash in marriage that everyone can't help but sympathize with, and the desire to live freely as oneself...

👉 "I want to break up with my own will with the person I married with my own will"

👉 "It's selfish to break up just because you cheated on me"

👉 "Life is too long, it's impossible to love one person all the time~"

👉 "Why do we have to break up? Why can't I cheat? why did you get married 』

👉 "God please, please bring us back to that day..."

💥 "Best Divorce"

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Fuji Television TV Drama: Romantic comedy drama depicting divorce and marriage family through the view of marriage in the 30s against the background of modern marriage circumstances where the number of couples in their 30s who want to be alone and get divorced is increasing.

👉 "When a woman gets married, a woman starts to forgive a man's bad points, and a man starts looking for a woman's bad points."

👉 "Honestly, it's hard. I thought marriage was torture, but I was wrong. Marriage is a food chain. Just wait quietly to be eaten. It's hard. It's four times harder...'

👉 "Women are like this because men are children. After all, wives have only two choices: to become a widow's wife or a crying wife. It's so stupid. Married couples are a farce.』

👉 "Canning was invented in 1810, and the can opener was invented in 1858. It's funny, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes important things come later. Love, Life” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th_mreYL9ew

Why do people in Japan now advocate divorce, which can lead to unhappiness?...In the United States, divorce used to come into the spotlight in the movie "Cramer Cramer", but now in Japan divorce is the theme of women's society. Perhaps it is because of the late entry into the world... Japan has a culture that emphasizes family and marital relationships, so there is a lot of social opposition to divorce, and there are many works that depict the process leading up to divorce and the life after that. On the other hand, the divorce rate is high in the United States, and there are many dramas, novels, and essays dealing with divorce, but there are not many that recommend divorce like in Japan...However, in the United States, middle-aged divorce is increasing. It has been pointed out that

💥The number of divorces is increasing in Japan today... In 2015, the divorce rate in Japan was 1.8 out of 1,000 marriages. If you think about the divorce rate using this method of calculation, you will get the impression that the divorce rate is rising.In addition, compared to the United States, the divorce rate in Japan is low, and the reason is that family ties are strong. It is said that there is a cultural difference between Japan and the United States in the cultural background of valuing the family. In Japan, there is a culture that emphasizes family unity and bonds.In the United States, there is an individualistic culture, so individual freedoms and rights are more important than family. However, both countries have cultures that value the family, so the difference is just a tendency and there are individual differences... The cause of divorce is women's advancement in society. Differences include adultery

👉 Causes of Divorce


clash of values

financial problem

Personality mismatch

Unbalanced work and household burdens

Differences in thinking about raising children

Trouble with family or relatives

Mental problems (stress, depression, alcoholism, etc.)

Sexual problems (such as libido mismatches, personality mismatches, etc.)

Health problems (illness, disability, care, etc.)

👉Then, what do divorced people in Japan do after divorce?

Life after divorce seems to be different for each person, but it is pointed out that there will always be financial problems...

👉 Remarriage rate after divorce

According to a 2019 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare survey, about 40% of divorced men and about 30% of women remarried. According to the 2021 Marriage Awareness Survey, about 60% of divorced people want to remarry. According to a survey, about 40% to 50% of people are glad that they got divorced.

👉Situation after middle age divorce

According to a 2019 survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, about 40% of divorced men over the age of 65 and about 30% of women remarried, and many live alone. answered that they were "happy" ... It is important to think for yourself and act systematically about life after divorce

💥A tweet...

👉I have shortcomings as a human being and I can't live without my husband... I can't do it financially... I thought that if my husband abandoned me, there would be no one to stay by my side... Can I live? ? ? … I might die … I was afraid … But … unexpectedly I can do something! So... I've stopped holding back... already! !

👉Please don't 'promote' too much.. It doesn't change the fact that divorce is a tragedy.. There is no guarantee that each other will be 'happy' after that.. Please watch the US movie "Cramer Kramer." Are you happy?

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Touching climax scene from the Movie Kramer vs Kramer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jXwg8gBuQ0

👉The movie 'Cramer Kramer' is an American movie released in 1979. It depicts a divorced couple fighting over child custody, and is one of the first movies to deal with issues such as divorce and custody disputes. It had a great impact on American society at the time. It also dealt with issues such as women's independence and gender equality, which had an impact on the social climate of the time.Divorce and child custody disputes were taboo in American society at the time, so this movie was released. As a result, social debate was activated, and a movement toward problem solving was born.

🖐Wait a minute...

👉You need to think carefully about divorce …Before deciding to divorce, it is important to think carefully about the reasons and circumstances for divorce.First of all, it is important to have a discussion. It is necessary. It is also recommended to hear the opinion of an expert. You may be able to make a calm decision by receiving the advice of an expert such as a lawyer or counselor...

👉If you have children, it is important to think about them first Think about what is the best option for your child and let her make decisions based on that Think about life plans after divorce is required. Make sure you have a firm grasp of what you need for life after divorce, such as living expenses and housing, and plan accordingly.