MTG "Taiwan Emergency" alert! ! : This is not our children's war! !

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US Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene has warned that she can hear neoconservatives whispering in the corridors of Congress that they are tired of war with Russia and want to start a war with China soon. ‥

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Information about the establishment of the "NATO Tokyo Branch Office" has also been conveyed..Everyone, quietly so as not to be noticed..However, the groundwork and preparation facilities for the "engineered war" are definitely set in Japan. I'm about to be taken away.. I'm going to keep my fingers in my mouth and pretend not to know, as usual, 'I'm going to work to sit at the desk by the window' and 'I'm supposed to receive a small amount of assets and retirement benefits and pensions.' Don't spend your time imagining a "quiet post-retirement life"... The "Japan-U.S. Alliance" advocated by former Prime Minister Abe and inherited by Prime Minister Kishida by mistaken meaning by "neoconservative deep state globalists" Under the pretext of the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific Vision", which is currently in the air, a war involving Japan, Australia, and neighboring countries will undoubtedly begin within the next few years, with Taiwan as the "detonator".

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In Japan, if the government declares a state of emergency, not only the Self-Defense Forces but also "conscription" is possible as much as you want. If a war breaks out, all rules such as the constitution and laws will be distorted and rendered powerless.

Can we send our children and young people into a 'battlefield created for the interests of some politicians and the wealthy'? Most of them are erased on the battlefield without even leaving their bodies behind. Look at the Russian people today. Russian mothers are suffering because they can't even bury the bodies of their sons. would be the same

💥 Blame these politicians and capitalists

💥Let's encourage them not to hand over their 'political initiatives doesn't matter how small the voices are...if those small voices gather...they will become big...and become the public opinion of the Japanese people, and it will be possible to fight against them...