Jingu Gaien redevelopment project problem 💥: Ryuichi Sakamoto's legacy...

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👉 Protests against the redevelopment project of Jingu Gaien continue... Inheriting Ryuichi Sakamoto's will...

An artist who rose to global stardom with his "super-artificial" techno-pop sound became an "environmental activist", advocating for "environmental protection" until his death, and is still a big movement today... Life is a wonder. hey…

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“Make Jingu Gaien something we can be proud of even after 100 years” No redevelopment without dialogue Musicians and other citizens protest HUFFPOST:https://www.huffingtonpost.jp/entry/jingu-gaien-dialogue-demonstration_jp_64ba4584e4b038c60cc9e666

Protect the 3000 trees of Jingu Gaien! [Demonstration with Ryuichi Sakamoto] Worried about Ryuichi Sakamoto and the outer edge of the shrine YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPi-XKOuxI8

A direct hit on college students who are fighting against redevelopment without "dialogue"!  YouTube: https://youtu.be/NoUN8RS5LNY?t=32

👉The Jingu Gaien redevelopment project is noisy...

The promotion of this business seems to be related to the profits related to "Meiji Jingu".

It seems necessary to keep in mind that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is not promoting it from the top down, and the criticism of Governor Koike may be different...

Was it the rebuilding of ITOCHU Corporation's head office building? The original factors of the redevelopment project proposal and the redevelopment plan that was additionally overlaid … The entire flow up to the formulation of the redevelopment project proposal is cleverly concealed, and the details are unknown, so sufficient explanations have not been given to the citizens of Tokyo. Only "deforestation" is cut out in a strange way, providing a perfect "sunshine place" for groups and activists sensitive to "environmental problems"...

👉Overview of Jingu Gaien Redevelopment Project


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A huge redevelopment project to replace the dilapidated Jingu Stadium and Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium.The west side is Stadium Street, the east side is the oval road surrounding the rubber baseball field in front of the picture gallery, and the east side of the ginkgo trees. Four companies, including Mitsui Fudosan, are working on it, and construction of the new building will begin in 2024, with the redevelopment project scheduled to be completed in 2035.

With regard to the redevelopment project of Jingu Gaien, the execution of the Jingu Gaien District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project was approved, and rational and sound advanced use of land and renewal of urban functions were carried out, as well as the formation of regional bustle and convenience for pedestrians. , It is expected to ensure safety and ease of movement, improve disaster prevention, and reduce environmental impact. Scheduled to be ... When did it become "1000 bottles"?

Jingu Gaien District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project Approved | Tokyo: https://www.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/tosei/hodohappyo/press/2023/02/16/06.html

Jingu Gaien turned into a “forest of skyscrapers”, and there was also a backlash after the full picture of the redevelopment plan was revealed: https://diamond.jp/articles/-/204521

Tokyo announced approval on the 17th - Nihon Keizai Shimbun: https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOCC168HQ0W3A210C2000000/

👉Various voices inside and outside the Jingu Gaien redevelopment project...

Haruki Murakami and late Ryuichi Sakamoto vote against deforestation in Jingu Gaien

→ Ms. Yuriko Koike "We will proceed with the redevelopment plan so that everyone in Tokyo can understand it."

→The city emphasizes its policy of putting effort into environmental conservation, such as reusing felled trees.

[Understand in 5 minutes] What is the problem with the redevelopment of Jingu Gaien? 5 things you should know

Plaintiff "Doubt and Anger" 1st Oral Argument in Jingu Gaien Redevelopment Approval Lawsuit Opposition from celebrities

“Why am I in favor of the redevelopment of Jingu Gaien?” Keizo Kuramoto ── Special Feature “Thinking about urban greenery” https://www.gqjapan.jp/article/20230723-jingu-gaien-redevelopment-project- gq-voice-greenery-in-the-city-keizo-kuramoto

Signature campaign to reconsider the redevelopment of Jingu Gaien, a legacy of Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto

Haruki Murakami announced, "I am strongly opposed to the redevelopment of Jingu Gaien."


👉Jingu Gaien forest area (compared to the United States) Attractions

The forest area of Meiji Jingu Gaien is about 700,000 square meters, which is larger than all of Tokyo's 23 wards.

Meiji Jingu Gaien is a park rich in nature, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and trees.

There are many sports facilities, including baseball fields, soccer fields, and tennis courts.

<Sightseeing spots around Jingu Gaien>

Meiji Jingu Gaien ginkgo tree-lined street

Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery

Foundation Memorial Library

Mitaka Pine

white pine


👉Forest area in Tokyo and New York

Forest area in Tokyo is about 480,000 hectares

Green space in Tokyo and New York: The green space per capita in Tokyo is 11m2/Osaka is 5m2/Washington D.C. is about 5 times that of Tokyo.

New York's green area is 2.5 times larger than Tokyo's

New York City: Large parks such as Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden → Lack of green space is seen as a problem in the city

Tokyo's green spaces are secondary nature, such as plantations and coppices that have been man-made by agriculture and forestry, and greenery newly created in urban development.

According to a survey conducted by metropolitan government monitors, about 70% of the people who answered that the preservation of green spaces was "extremely necessary" when asked about the opinions of Tokyo residents on the preservation of greenery on private land.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government enacted the “Tokyo Greening Ordinance” to conserve green spaces Efforts to protect green spaces in Tokyo are underway

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is committed to environmental conservation. There are currently 50 conservation areas designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, including 1 natural environment conservation area, 6 historical environment conservation areas, 38 green conservation areas, 1 forest environment conservation area, and 4 satoyama conservation areas. It is

The Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Public Corporation complements and supports the environmental administration of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and municipalities, promotes appropriate waste disposal and resource recycling, realizes a smart energy city, and plays a part in conservation activities for the natural environment. The Environmental Science Research Institute conducts daily research activities that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Conservation Area|Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment https://www.kankyo.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/nature/natural_environment/tokyo/tokyo.html

Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Public Corporation | Overview of the public corporation https://www.tokyokankyo.jp/about


👉So far the redevelopment project turmoil in Jingu Gaien

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Due to the redevelopment plan of the Jingu Gaien area, it was decided that about 1,000 trees in the Jingu Gaien area would be cut down, so signature campaigns and demonstrations were held.

An opposition signature campaign led by Rochelle Kapp, an American management consultant

→Ryuichi Sakamoto participates in the signature campaign

Three high school students signed online petitions, social media, and handed out flyers to oppose tree cutting in Jingu Gaien.

The late Ryuichi Sakamoto...

Ryuichi Sakamoto expresses opposition to deforestation in Jingu Gaien

The “Association Against Tree Cutting in Jingu Gaien” sponsored by Ryuichi Sakamoto holds signatures and demonstrations calling for the suspension of tree cutting in Jingu Gaien.

One month before his death, he sent a letter to Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike requesting a review of the redevelopment of the Jingu Gaien area → ``In this day and age, we need development and urban planning that renews while making use of the old rather than destroying the old. Isn't it said that

after death

Demonstration called "Demonstration with Ryuichi Sakamoto" in the west passage in front of the Jingu Gaien Picture Gallery, inheriting Ryuichi Sakamoto's idea of "protecting the trees of Jingu Gaien" April 22, 2023

A post on Twitter calling for the suspension of felling of trees in Jingu Gaien with the hashtag "Inheriting Ryuichi Sakamoto's will."

First oral arguments in lawsuit filed by 59 local residents seeking revocation of approval from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which had granted business operators permission to implement the Jingu Gaien redevelopment plan: Tokyo District Court June 29, 2023

“Demonstration Dialogue,” a protest movement calling on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and businesses to review the redevelopment of Jingu Gaien July 22, 2023


・Awareness of "environmental problems" is increasing among the people as activities such as global environmental conservation and prevention of global warming become more active around the world.

・ Greenpeace: Ryuichi Sakamoto's environmental activities: Efforts on various environmental problems around the world as an environmental protection organization

・Preservation of the global environment and prevention of global warming: The 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was the starting point, and the 1985 Austrian Villach World Conference triggered the issue of global warming caused by carbon dioxide to be taken up.