Is Bill Gates working on "population reduction"? Or is it "decreased mortality rate"?

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Vaccination may be ineffective, but it's fine.

It just needs to be made compulsory.

As if Windows Update is mandatory. 🤣

I've excerpted it because it's interesting, but at X we see posts like this about Bill Gates' conspiracy almost every day. MMT checked the content of Gates' presentations at TED etc. But we could not find any context in which Gates wants to try to "reduce the population"with vaccines. Gates claims in his presentations “If we can reduce the mortality rate of children, we may be able to contribute to curbing population growth. This is the reason why we are working on developing a vaccine."

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So where do these conspiracy theories come from? Apparently it's an organization based in the UK called the International Court of Natural Justice. Please refer to this article about Gates' "population reduction" plan told by a doctor from this organization 👇

However, it is also true that vaccines cause various health damage and sudden deaths around the world 😭

*If this were Gates' experiment, it would be terrifying.