Elon Musk is trying to "destroy the US media": 110 million views of "Tucker on twitter.EP1" will be the trigger...

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Mr. Elon Musk said that in the media industry, huge advertising revenue is monopolized by large corporations, and the spread of biased reporting is threatening the "freedom of speech" in the United States. It seems that he had a strong conviction that "the Twitter acquisition" was the first step to realize that thought. It seems that they think that it should be freely transmitted on platforms (SNS, etc.)

What is the new Twitter future image “Twitter 2.0” that Elon Musk aims for after the acquisition?

👉 Twitter 'no longer exists' as it has officially merged with X Corporation

Twitter merged with X Corporation, a privately held company under X Holdings Company

Twitter is phasing out the mark that indicates verified accounts

Surprise Appointment: What is Elon's aim in appointing Linda Yaccarino, head of advertising at NBCUniversal, as Twitter's new CEO?

"Free speech" that Elon and Linda firmly pledged to be "protected" in US media coverage

Why Elon Musk chose NBCU's Linda Yaccarino as Twitter's new CEO

👉 Elon Musk names Linda Yaccarino as Twitter's next CEO 👉 Linda Yaccarino is known for her close relationships with ad agencies and strict negotiation tactics 👉 Yaccarino is Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal Joined a social media company ・Elon Musk elected Twitter's new CEO ・Who is Linda Yaccarino

Yaccarino and Musk agree on new Twitter: Freedom of speech

The new Twitter will focus on advertising...

Conversation between NBCUniversal's Linda Yaccarino and Twitter CEO Elon Musk at MMA's POSSIBLE Miami Event 2023

Below Japanese Earon's rating

Elon Musk thinks 'freedom of speech' is free of rants

Elon Musk, Bezos, Gates Why do geniuses want to save the world?


You implemented various reforms to monetize the platform, such as "Tweet subscription" and "BLUE" subscription (anyone can now acquire "BLUE"). Carlson's dismissal from FOX.. From the outside, it seems like a surprising development.. It seems like it would be very natural for the two of them to join forces.. Both are fed up with the biases of the American press. There's no way to know what happened behind the scenes, but Tucker's contract with Fox will run until 2024-5 (meaning Trump's presidential challenge is already over). I was planning to continue, but I couldn't transfer to another station because of that restriction, and I was struggling with the situation that I couldn't say anything until the election was over. With "Tucker on Twitter," Carlson and his growing team are working to elevate Elon Musk's social media site as a news platform.


In the program, Tucker is arrogant, saying things like, ``If this place is bound by the same kind of bias as previous broadcast stations, then I'll leave. I was saved...' Isn't it... well, it's just an imagination...

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"Tucker on Twitter" EP1 has surpassed 110 million views in a few days, ripping off FOX News Tucker Carlson Tonight's audience from cable news! ! That's great... Episode 3 of Tucker's Show is currently set to air on Tuesday night and will feature Carlson's reaction to the indictment of former President Donald Trump.