"Dave Spector" who spreads whatever he likes in Japanese media, "story that benefits the US"

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US Secretary of State Brinken, who became a topic of pros and cons at the meeting with Mr. Xi Jinping...

Don't you look like someone? (Don't they look alike...)

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Dave continues to run "Praise America" in the Japanese media... Strong opposition to the sharp criticism of Japanese people about 9.11... Why?https://twitter.com/TTrumpSJapan/status/1671063057265725440

History below...

Everything looks like a "fabricated story"...

👉 Born in Chicago, Illinois Appeared in a TV commercial for "Kellogg's" as a child?

Wataru, who transferred from Japan in the 5th grade of elementary school? Did you start studying Japanese because you became close to him?

Did you become interested in Japanese culture and enjoy watching Japanese cartoons, music programs, and movies while spending your student life?

1972: Study abroad at Sophia University

1975: Graduated from Broadcast School in Chicago?

Working as a Comedy Writer in Chicago?

Returning to Japan as a program producer for ABC TV and a Japanese correspondent in the program?

👉In the early 1980s, he made his debut under the name of "Dave Yuzo Spector" in "Waratte Iitomo!"?

Active as a commentator on various information programs.

“If you live, Harumi Miyako” or “Yasushi Yokoyama”?

Composition writer for "Ponkickies series"?

In charge of overseas entertainment news for "Tokudane!", "Wide! Scramble" and "Sunday Japon"?

👉 Did you go buy the broadcasting rights of 'The Jerry Springer Show' directly?

During the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake), you appeared on American cable as an "American TV producer living in Japan" and conveyed the state of the earthquake moment by moment. ?

👉 Spector Communications?As a representative, overseas program buying business?

Michael Jackson provided video to each station at the time of his death Get information before the local press?

Providing overseas programs and unique CM foreign celebrity's American gossip information to each station?

Airlift entertainment magazines from local offices in Los Angeles?

Was Dave the first to introduce "Fuun! Takeshi's Castle" and "Iron Chef" to America?