Ai Haruna "Even if someone close to you is LGBTQ, you don't have to do anything. Just treat them normally."

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Japan: Trends in LGBT Issues

Demonstration in front of the Diet "We demand the abolition of the LGBT bill"

Reminds me of the "Maidan revolution" 😕?

Japan was originally a "rural society" where problems were resolved "gently" while caring for each other...

When did it become a “Western-style society” where people who were pushed back by new and high-class slogans held a “demonstration march”🙄?

*Ai Haruna: “Even if someone close to you is LGBTQ, you don’t have to do anything. Just treat them normally.”

👇 The end of the movement to support LGBTQ rights ‥ The US transgender controversy

America's most drunk beer brand: Bud Light has come under intense criticism for collaborating with a transgender influencer, putting the company's survival in jeopardy.

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Quoted from Twitter

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Target, a major US discount store, has taken the Bud Light situation seriously and has begun to consider revising its Pride Month campaign. (Planned and implemented) ‥ Below

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At least three people were arrested outside the headquarters of the Glendale Unified School District as school board administrators discussed whether the district should declare its support for Pride Month, Glendale, California police said in a news release. rice field‥

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Regarding LGBTQ rights, there are a small number of extremists among both "supporters" and "opponents", and it seems that conflicts break out and there are many victims of one-sided violence. In other words, the troublesome thing about this debate is that some extremists tend to resort to violence easily -- it's not a rational or logical debate, but an extremely emotional confrontation in essence. There are many LGBTQ groups around the world, and some of them are very politically influential.There are politicians who have come out as LGBTQ. Characteristically, the controversy is so deeply involved in 'youth education' that teachers, school boards, etc. must clearly state their positions on the subject. From a medical and psychological point of view, it is said that the perception of gender during the growth period is very vague, and there is a strong tendency to imply that ``I am LGBTQ'' due to the strong influence of the surrounding atmosphere. It has been pointed out that there is a danger of bringing awareness of LGBTQ into the classroom.

I can see that everyone is very interested in "LGBTQ rights" and I can learn a lot from you. I don't think Japan needs to pander to the West...The Japanese have an old way of thinking about "sex" that has been around since before modernization.It is not "violent" like in the West. ] is mutual, and society may have turned around without being seen as a problem.Johnny's problems and gender discrimination at home, work, and school have been hidden in the dark. As a "developed country" in the international community, I think it would be good for him to strike a balance while retaining the good qualities of the Japanese in the face of global trends.


On the other hand, how is Japan doing in terms of gender equality?                                          Japan is in this situation…Mr. Ogura…are you all right?

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"Disgrace of developed nations" update!

Japan “Gender Equality Index” lowest among G7 😔

G7 meeting on promotion of women's empowerment

One point of white? Only one "male" minister among "female" ministers around the world.. too embarrassing 😔