2024 Presidential Election: The Democratic Party's Ultimate Option Thinking about Michelle Obama...

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👉After Super Tuesday Now that Super Tuesday is over and it is clear that Trump and Biden will face off again, the issue that Democrats cannot ignore is that Biden has a problem with his age and the Democratic Party's common understanding is that they do not want Biden to continue. Of course, Democrats must defeat Trump before discussing whether Biden should remain in office. Democrats need tranquilizers to push Biden. Given Trump's current momentum, we need better, more effective medicine.

👉Currently, the candidates named in the option plan to decline Biden's nomination are as follows...

・Vice President Kamala Harris

・Governor Gavin Newsom of California

・Governor Rachel Whitmer Governor of Michigan

・J・B・Pritzker Governor of Illinois

But can these candidates go head-to-head with President Trump? Therefore Michelle Obama has been a hot topic since last year. Michelle is well-known and popular in America. She is former First Lady Michelle Obama, who is widely recognized as a fashion icon, and recently, content introducing her way of life and lifestyle has been released, which has resonated with many women👇

👉Book “The Light We Carry”

👉Movie “THE LIGHT WE CARRY: Michelle Obama speaks to Oprah Winfrey” Netflix

Michelle is a member of the Democratic Party and supports the policies of her husband Barack, while actively expressing her opinions in areas such as education, health, women's rights, and social equality.

Example: "Let Girls Learn" Initiative: Women and Girls Programs that support education: aim to keep girls worldwide in school.                                                                             

👉November 22, 2023, Michelle Obama joins Melinda Gates and attorney Amal Clooney to end child marriage I visited Malawi, Africa to appeal to the public.

👉 Michelle Obama also talks about vaccines. She is involved in activities to encourage people to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus, and in April 2021, she appeared on a special program promoting vaccination with President Biden. https //www.cnn.co.jp/usa/35169351.html

👉 Impressions on the 2024 US presidential election: In an interview conducted in January 2024, she said he felt "strong fear" about the outcome of the presidential election scheduled for November. She warned us not to take democracy for granted and revealed that her worries sometimes keep her up at night. She also addressed the double standards surrounding legal troubles and pointed to the reality that it is difficult for Black people to run for public office. CNN Michelle Obama He is "strongly afraid" of the outcome of the presidential election https://www.cnn.co.jp/usa/35213595.html

👉Is Michelle Obama afraid of Trump's coming back? Memories from the past: Michelle Obama writes in her memoir that she will 'never forgive' Trump for campaigning to question then-President Barack Obama's place of birth. https://www.cnn.co.jp/usa/35128440.html

👉How will the Democratic Party overcome the challenge of supporting Michelle Obama? The problem with supporting Michelle is that she has no political experience. She is a former first lady and can compete with Trump regarding name recognition and popularity, but she has no track record as a politician. After all, this is not enough to defeat Trump. And we must not forget that RFK.JR will be involved in this fight.